A list of the best cities in the United States for high-end cannabis experiences

If you wanted to consume cannabis without a medical card less than a decade ago legally, In all likelihood, you were daydreaming of visiting Amsterdam. As of right now, 11 states have made it legal to use cannabis recreationally. (with more likely to follow), making it relatively simple to enjoy a cannabis-themed vacation without bringing your passport.

Cannabis has opened up new ways to visit places you would not have considered before, whether it’s a laid-back Massachusetts beach town flanked by dispensaries or a West Coast village where amazing food meets strong flowers. But it’s not simply the abundance of fantastic dispensaries and things to look at that makes a truly great trip for those who dream in green. It’s the presence of a rich cannabis culture surrounded by fantastic activities, food, drink, people… and, of course, a slew of excellent dispensaries and sights to see. We collected out the best spots for your next heady excursion with the help of our most trusted cannabis explorers across the United States. Make a note of this article if you forget to visit one of America’s greatest cannabis places for some reason.

Los Angeles is a city in California.

Feel free to treat Los Angeles like a cannabis Candyland. Still, Visitors to Wisdome’s immersive art park, conveyor belt sushi bars, and Korean day spas can enjoy their time at the beach boardwalks where they can ride those delightful e-scooters that everyone despises instead of a Peppermint Forest or Molasses Swamp. Although it wasn’t the first city to legalize cannabis, LA is by far the most populous, with a plethora of 420-friendly events, well-curated dispensaries, and industry heavyweights such as High Times, Merry Jane, and Civilized.
Visit the Original Cannabis Cafe in West Hollywood, where you can get pre-rolls and blunts from well-known brands like Caliva, Stone Road, and Henry’s Original, as well as infused meals and rentable accessories for those who want to try concentrates or smoke out of a stylish Bud Vase flower bong. Take any hobby and combine it with fantastic marijuana. You’ll find an established community in Los Angeles: a Cannabis Supper Club for chefs, the 420 Games for athletes, and the often-hypnotic Stoned Video Game League. There are cannabis-themed activities from Hazy and Grassfed, as well as options to visit a local grow-op with LA Hemp Tours or get far out in a glass-blowing factory with Tommy Chong on Green Tours for the biggest of devotees.

Portland, Oregon

Portland served as the ideal incubator for a prosperous legal cannabis community, thanks to its craft-obsessed artisan culture, rigorous adherence to organic and ecological growing practices, and a shared passion for creating things just for the love of it. The Cultivation Classic was born less than two years after adult-use cannabis became legal in 2014. It was the first cannabis cup to require all submissions to be grown in living soil and free of mineral salt fertilizers. The winners were judged in a double-blind review by a vetted group of sommeliers, brewers, and esteemed growers. Portland’s support of all things local, organic, and traceable found an immediate home in the cannabis community.
Culinary cannabis experiences have advanced quickly, thanks to chefs like Liv Vasquez and Leather Storrs, from infused olive oil-drizzled appetizers to masterful orchestrations of seasonal, locally sourced ingredients and single-strain cannabis extract, with each bite carefully timed and dosed to ensure ideal dinner party rhythms. Meanwhile, the NW Cannabis Club, solely open to members, has a unique communal smoking area. While the variety of consumption-friendly events, such as cannabis aerobics, art classes, and even an adult summer camp, is well worth the wait, walk into Farma or Archive on any given day for a dispensary menu as reliable as it is star-studded with renowned genetics descendants from Oregon’s legacy cannabis community. What if you want to do it yourself?, visit the artistically stunning, gallery-like Serra boutiques or Electric Lettuce, a 1960s time capsule.